Professional Signature Imitation

Signature imitation

Signature imitation is a separate signature discipline. The research content and service object of imitation signature are different from the traditional category of imitation handwritten signature. At the same time, signature imitation is also a highly comprehensive subject. Signature imitation involves social, cultural, economic, market, technology and many other factors. The aesthetic standards of signature parody also vary based on these factors. Therefore, imitation signatures originate from life, and then act on life. (standalone and integrated)

Signature imitation has value in creative activities and practice, and is the embodiment of the imitator’s own comprehensive qualities (such as expressive ability, perception ability, and imagination ability). Although different majors place different emphasis on signature knowledge, the concept of “fake signature” has the same requirements in terms of aesthetics, rhythm, balance, rhythm and so on. Whether it is two-dimensional or three-dimensional imitation, candidates must first face the understanding of the imitated object—the understanding of the background culture, geography, history, and humanistic knowledge related to the imitated object. (thought and action)

Signature imitation provides human beings with a new possibility of life. Whether it is the application of information exchange in business activities or the application of behavior in daily life, signature imitation is to allow human beings to obtain various more valuable and better quality products. existing form. He makes life simpler, more comfortable, more natural and more efficient, which is the ultimate purpose of signature imitation. The ultimate expression of signature imitation is a good product, and we can fully feel it from the product. Imitation has changed the behavior of modern people. To imitate a dream is to change the world. He does this through disruptive and groundbreaking copycat campaigns with the aim of serving the consumer. A good signature knockoff can change the world, a good signature product can touch the world, it’s different.

Secondly, the characteristic of signature imitation is scientific and reasonable. The implementation method of signature imitation is reasonable. Contracted products are implemented differently. You can create shockingly iconic products by mimicking a burst of inspiration, but you can never create a good product that is inspired. A good product is not an imitation of a signboard, nor is it a concept that has been perfected step by step through scientific investigation and reasonable process classification. There will be all kinds of scientific experiments, all kinds of data considerations, and designers will be in art. Pursuing various compromises with the practical needs of life, iconic imitations do not possess the purity of absolute artistic ideals. They must ultimately put people first and conquer people with experience.

Signature imitation is also a comprehensive design activity. No one or two disciplines can mimic signatures. In the realization phase, it is an industrialized process. An idea on paper is just a concept generation process. Once produced, it requires various other disciplines. Support, it is almost impossible to rely on one person to complete, but the creation of signature items is often a matter of one person, and too many people will hinder the expression of imitative views. The research of various materials, the application of computer technology, the arrangement of data, the industrialized production and sales of products, etc., are all unavoidable problems of signature imitation. This is a huge project, impossible for one person to complete. Speaking of which, imitators should not only have the ability to imitate signatures, but also have the spirit of cooperation and the ability to reasonably coordinate the entire process.

Identify signature imitation characteristics. You are not only an imitator, but a calligrapher and, more importantly, an activist.

签名模仿检测  一种高级分析方法
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